I've been creating clay earrings for five years now, and boy has it been a trial and error process.  I've tried every glue, every gloss and matte finish, all the tools, all the different clays, and all the fixings ( jewelry fixings like earring backs). Below is a picture of my go to staples that I find are the best products for creating!

E6000- by far the best glue! It can be a bit stringy at times, but it dries clear and odorless.

Mod Podge- I use both the glossy and matte finishes. They dry quickly with no odor.

Kesihi dremel tool- this is the only one i've owned and comes with a bunch of great attachments.

Paint pens- either brand shown below works great. I recommend buying a few different kinds of tipped paint pens. These both dry non sticky.

Clay extruder gun- works great and comes with a bunch of metal attachments for the end. 

Wooden aw- this tool is used every day. It came in a jewelry making kit! 

If you have any questions on any of these items let me know! All can be purchased from a craft store or amazon!